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"...the genius product that washes away the last workout on your yoga mat or any gym surfaces with just a few little spritzes - and it smells beautiful too!

- Forbes

"A set of essential oil sprays that'll help them feel refreshed and hydrated. The applicator sprays out a mist that's so fine that it'll leave you feeling glowy instead of wet."

- BuzzFeed

"The brand is super transparent about all of its ingredients, which are vegan, cruelty-free, synthetic-free, and alcohol-free."

- Style Democracy

"Because if we're going to be wearing SPF indoors, it might as well feel (and look!) great."

- These Are the Very Best New Sunscreens of 2021, FASHION

For the Wellness Guru

A calming pillow mist, and aromatic cooling body spray. Two of our top sellers in this set!

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Meet, Mintier!

The World's First Oil-based Breath Mint. This is fresh breath you can rely on.

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Clean Beauty

A soothing lip serum packed with the healing power of hemp and peppermint. High in Omega 3, 6 and 9 to repair the skin!

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"Both smell amazing. Calming mist helps me fall asleep so fast and the cooling mist has been a life saver on hot days!"



"I am in love with this mat cleaner! The scent makes me feel like I'm back in a yoga studio and my mat looks brand new :) 10/10 would recommend"

Highly Recommend!


"I have purchased both the yoga mat cleaner and the face mask mist and let me tell you I am LOVING them!!! I spray and use both daily."



"I love Taurah!!! Not only for cleaning my yoga mat. I’ve used it to clean my counters to switch up from my heavy chemical cleaning spray. I also spray my bedroom pillows with it before bed. I love the scent and so does my partner. Thank you Taurah for providing a multi use product that I’ve fallen in love with. ❤️"

Mintier Oil-based Breath Mint
Mintier Oil-based Breath Mint
Mintier Oil-based Breath Mint

Mintier Oil-based Breath Mint


Have you heard about our sister company Mintier yet? 

When we learned that traditional mints are full of sugar and sugar alcohols, we had to dig a little deeper. Turns out sugar feeds to oral bacteria in your mouth, making bad breath even worse. We knew that we could come up with a natural way to create a product that actually works!

Introducing Mintier. Created with six natural food grade oils to provide you with instant and long-lasting fresh breath.

One Bottle = 120 Servings!