Oracle Cards with Kelly Gee

Happy Sunday + Happy Instagram Live Day!

If you tuned in you could probably tell it was our first time, but that's why we brought a pro on to join us.

Our good friend Kelly graciously appeared on @shoptaurah to explain her new adventure and calling as a Coach. If you've ever met Kelly, you know that she constantly radiates good energy, positivity and she can truly raise the vibration in any room (even virtually). We just can't help but smile and light up when we see her!

Today's topic was Oracle cards. Anyone well-versed?

We were not, but when we chatted with Kelly we learned some interesting points, and felt like we had a few signs from the universe along the way.

Some insight on Tarot Cards: they go by the major and minor Arcana Cards, as well as the swords, wands, pentacles, and cups. In summary, they tell a bit of a different story than Oracle Cards but definitely can bring enlightenment to anyone interested and open to the direction of this type of reading.

Alternatively, Oracle Cards are created by an individual who develops the cards themselves, including the illustrations and energetic downloads. This can include different Gods and Goddesses, Archangels, Animals, really anything that speaks to them because the possibilities are endless here. 

Picking a deck

Pretty simple rule of thumb here: follow your intuition and trust your instincts as you gravitate towards a certain deck. Don't worry so much as to why you gravitate, just trust it. No seriously, the reasons can simply be that you find the illustrations beautiful or eye-catching. Basically just have faith in this energetic connection!

Keep in mind that these are energetic cards and can be pulled by anyone, not necessarily a psychic. They can be used to answer questions, give insights, resonate with you, and give you messages from the universe that you need to hear. As our girl Kelly says, "They are tools for your toolbox."

Before playing with cards, really be mindful of the headspace you are in. You want to feel light and intrigued, but not dependent or reliant on what messages come to you. Remember, it is for guidance and clarity but it's also very playful! Definitely check out the guide books that come with your Oracle Card deck so you can interpret the signs and messages that you pull according to what the creator of the cards intended.

The Goddess Card Deck

Kelly took us through the Goddess Card Deck. She started off with a clear mind, and called upon her team of ancestors, angels, and guides to get the energy just right.

Holding the deck of cards in the palm of her hand, she knocked on them 3 times to clear the energy of the cards. She began shuffling through them, while keeping an eye on any flying cards. These flying cards are exactly as they sound, the come right out of the shuffle and are basically asking to be acknowledged. Kelly has a preference for flying cards!

Another option is to spread out the cards on a table and just choose any that you are gravitating towards.

Reading the cards

Kelly pulled a flying card of Brigit, meaning "Don't Back Down", and Athena meaning "Wisdom". 

Kelly also shared an insider trick with us. When you look at the illustration on your card, imagine it's a movie scene that is paused. Take in the snapshot, and ask yourself, "What would happen if we press play?" Go ahead then, tell the story!

There's no wrong way to read Oracle Cards, or really for spirituality in general. Kelly gave us the advice to really trust your intuition when exploring signs from the universe.

Our Guest, Kelly

Thank you so much to our beautiful friend for joining us on our first IG Live.

Need more Kelly in your life? Check out her page @thekellygee and tune into her live Oracle Card Readings every Wednesday at noon EST. 

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