About Us

Who We Are

We are Jessica & Rhaelyn, the cofounders of Taurah. 

Taurah's first product was created to solve our own need, cleaning our yoga mats. We searched for a natural way to clean our own yoga mats that didn't include vinegars or chemicals. As you can imagine, we couldn't find anything that was just right so we made our own and when word got out, our friends and families wanted to try a product like this too!

From here, we created Taurah and have since developed more natural products that are a part of our everyday rituals and routines. We actually reach for each of these products every single day, as do our customers now too.

Our values

It's important to us to be as eco-conscious as possible with recyclable bottles, recyclable packaging, and the best all-natural ingredients that we can source. We're female-founded, made in Canada, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free.

We donate and support our local communities whenever possible and have most recently done so by donating Face Mask Mists to healthcare workers. 

We love partnering with local brands and creators, and hearing back from our community (like you) on what they'd like to see from us next!

Essentially, Taurah gives you everyday rituals that make you feel good, because that's what wellness and self-care are all about!

We love talking all things Taurah. If you want to learn more or be in touch, feel free to book time with the founders Jess + Rhae here.