About Us

Who We Are

We're the cofounders of Taurah. Jessica, our Taurus and Rhae, our Libra make the perfect team!

We always loved reading the why's, the "aha" moments, the inspirations, and the executions of all our favourite small businesses. So, here is ours.

As we all know, the world took a huge shift last year. With the push of starting to work from home, we also adapted to now working out at home. We both did our best of trying to keep productive and stay active, all while staying curious + eager.

"How do you clean your yoga mat"

Jess + Rhae

The journey so far!

We launched in November 2020 with our must-have Yoga Mat Cleanser because we honestly needed to find a way to clean our own yoga mats with the shift to working out from home.

We've created and invented 5-star products that are now our Everyday Rituals.

"We create products we wish existed."

Jess + Rhae

Our values

It's important to us to be as eco-conscious as possible with recyclable bottles, recyclable packaging, and the best all-natural ingredients that we can source. We're female-founded, made in Canada, 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free.

Taurah gives you everyday rituals that make you feel good, because that's what wellness and self-care are all about!

We love talking all things Taurah. If you want to learn more or be in touch, feel free to book time with the founders Jess + Rhae here.


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