For after your workout

Meditation + Pillow Spray

Best of both worlds

Essentials Set

Clean your mat + Calm your mind + Cool your body

"I didn't know I needed it, and now I'm obsessed"

-CityLine Beauty Expert Anne Zimmerman



I love Taurah!!! Not only for cleaning my yoga mat. I’ve used it to clean my counters to switch up from my heavy chemical cleaning spray. I also spray my bedroom pillows with it before bed. I love the scent and so does my partner. Thank you Taurah for providing a multi use product that I’ve fallen in love with. ❤️

- VS

High Quality!

This product not only cleans my Yoga Mat, but I also use this chemical free cleaner as a facial spray. Taurah's refreshing scent helps me feel alert, focused and stimulated throughout the day! I HIGHLY recommend this product!!

- DM


When I’m starting to feel anxious I spray it around me in my office and it instantly calms me and I feel more relaxed, happy and ready to tackle the next task. I can’t say enough about these products. I am a regular client and plan to replenish my stock monthly. 😊

- PG


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