Our Story

We love talking all things Taurah. If you want to learn more or be in touch, feel free to book time with the founders Jess + Rhae here.
We always loved reading the why's, the "aha" moments, the inspirations, and the executions of all our favourite small businesses. So, here is ours.
As we all know, the world took a huge shift this year. With the push of starting to work from home, we also adapted to now working out at home. We both did our best of trying to keep productive and stay active, all while staying curious + eager.
The Question
How are people cleaning their yoga mats?
The Answer
With harsh chemicals, only with water, or not at all.
This is not okay! 
Our Taurus and Libra (Taurah- get it?!) team could not accept this fate.                                          
It was time to make an all natural yoga mat cleanser to wash away your last workout before your next.
Meet Jess + Rhae, your dedicated Taurus + Libra dream team.